The Jeanie Leapley Realty Team

Jeanie Leapley, REALTOR®
Phone: (904) 673-8846

We believe that experience, area knowledge, education, professionalism, and a genuine commitment to our customers best interests make us the realty team we are. The Leapley Realty Team provides a higher standard of service.

Leapley Buyers Advantage

  • Enhanced Market Knowledge
  • Detailed Negotiation and Deal Structuring Advice
  • Persuasive Offer Presentations
  • Superior Understanding of the Contract
  • Post-Home Purchasing Assistance
  • Interior Design
  • Handyman Service

Leapley Sellers Advantage

The home-selling process can be complex and stressful. While each transaction is different, every owner wants the same thing – the best possible deal with the least amount of hassle and stress. The Jeanie Leapley Realty Team is dedicated exclusively to assisting homeowners through the home-selling process and to market the property for the highest possible price in the shortest period of time.

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Jeanie Leapley!!!!This is an agent with some real common sense and zeal. Jeanie has a great attitude, while also being very nice and friendly. She has a great amount of experience and education, but more than that she is just real. I like how well she knows her local and surrounding communities. She is very on the ball too, getting back to you very fast with updates and always answering her phone. Buying and selling can be difficult, and with a teammate like her on your side it is so much more seamless. I am excited to have a faithful new friend. Thanks Jeanie Leapley

— Mark Radke 1/1/2016